Driving Mr. Emanuel----Through Red Lights


I’m no fan of  red-light cameras.  Not because they’d catch me in a violation.  No, it has more to do with disliking being spied on .  You know, the  big-brother  syndrome.

So I live with them.  Begrudgingly.

Which brings me to a notorious scofflaw in this context.  Mayor Emanuel.

It seems his official vehicle has  driven through 5 red-lights in the past several months. (It should be noted there were 17 previous instances too.)  He was not driving of course.  His motorcade, you see, consists of two cars.  He was presumably in the back of the second SUV, the one that went through the light.

Emanuel explained to the press  that he has nothing to hide, he paid the fines, and so demonstrated that he is not above the law.

It simply was a case of the leading car going through the yellow, and the tail car going through the  red to stay connected.  After all, how would the car he was in  ever catch up if it  had to wait for the red to change to green again?

One would think that the solution would be obvious.  The lead car would pull over after negotiating the light and wait awhile to reconnect.

Too simple, I guess.

The Mayor is a busy man with much on his mind.  Perhaps he didn’t notice  it happened.

But it happened again.  And again.  And again.  And again…

Yes, Mayor, I heard you.  You paid your fines.   How about paying  more attention to the red lights.


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  • If you want to talk about hypocrisy, Emanuel claimed to ride the Brown Line. I guess not after he was elected.

    It is obvious (from such things as sending tickets to the CTA and CTA paying them) that the red light cameras are for revenue. I'm somewhat surprised Emanuel now claims to support the proposal that there should be a green light countdown clock. That will certainly kill the revenue, except from the most stupid of drivers, but probably will also increase accidents.

    Anyway, after having to drop someone off for a medical appointment in Edgebrook and having to park about 5 blocks away (it wasn't in Lincolnwood, but darn close), I am convinced that if Daley didn't want to rid Chicago of all cars, Emanuel certainly does, just by means short of installing a toll both on each street crossing the city line. Darn, I just gave Rahm another idea.

  • In reply to jack:

    And he may run with it.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Actually, the idea wasn't original on my part. There was some sort of Congestion Mitigation grant program, for which NYC applied first with essentially something like that (a congestion pricing plan). The state lelgislature didn't pass it, so half of it was offered to Chicago if it passed the parking meter lease and increased the parking tax. The latter did not pass in time.

    The Edgebrook observation was based on that I saw that the curb lanes were empty, but there were LAZ machines, as parking meters. Not only that, but the machines had a notice that before buying a pass, make sure that the space isn't marked no parking during rush hour, snow, or the like, or you still will be towed. Where I might have parked near the machine at 2:30 was "no parking 3:00-7:00 p.m.," and next to a "no parking loading zone" sign. Too many snares, and hence my conclusion.

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    Watch this one where Mayor Hypocrit motorcade almost ran over a disabled man!


    Quote: "A vehicle speeds through a red light at an intersection with a pedestrian crosswalk as an apparently disabled man in a motorized wheelchair tries to cross the street in a clearly designated pedestrian crosswalk.
    Most media reporting this incident and video describe the man as being “on a scooter” which changes the issues significantly. But this original video from WGN TV describes it as it is. The man trying to cross is in a motorized wheelchair, not a “scooter” and you can easily see it."

    Ban the Cams!
    CameraFraud National

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