Gun-Toting Woman Accosted in Own Home is Arrested in Kansas

-By Warner Todd Huston

Most Americans would imagine that if a homeowner is accosted in her own home by an outsider, the homeowner would be justified in arming herself. In fact, most Americans would think it a right… seeing as how there’s that whole Second Amendment and all.

Well apparently there are neither any Americans nor any supporters of the Constitution among the authorities of Council Grove, Kansas because a women that was accosted by a man in her own home was herself arrested when she armed herself and then accidentally discharged the weapon.

Naturally it all happened over a young girl that wanted to date a man whom mother found undesirable. It is easy to sympathize with the mother, too. Her daughter is 16 and this leering, neer-do-well “boyfriend” is 21-years-old. Me, I’d be ready to shoot an adult trying to “get” my little girl, too. The guy obviously has a mental problem at 21 to be going after a kid barely into high school. Worse, this creep physically attacked the mother several times, taking away her cell phone so that she could not call for help, physically restraining her, and otherwise roughing up the mother. It’s no wonder she felt the need to arm herself with this ruffian with a 50 pound advantage on her attacking her like that.

After repeatedly being manhandled by this jerk, the mother, school teacher Karen Vondemkamp of rural Morris County, grabbed a .223 caliber single-shot varmint-rifle and threatened 21-year-old Justin Allenbaugh, demanding that she allow her 16-year-old daughter to get out of his car. As she held the gun downward it discharged, she says by accident. The bullet came no where near Allenbaugh or his car.

“As I aimed at his tire … I just decided not to go ahead and fire at the tire. I thought ‘what if I missed’ … I thought this probably isn’t the right thing to do, so I lowered the gun, and my finger still pulled on the trigger more out of frustration than anything.”

For a full account of the incident see Earl Glynn’s account on Kansas Watchdog.

And what happened when the police finally arrived? Why they arrested mother Vondemkamp, of course.

So let’s go over the details here.

A 21-year-old outsider with a fifty pound weight advantage admittedly forced his way into the woman’s home several times. He admits he attacked her. He admits he “restrained” her physically. He admits that he was trying to date the woman’s underage daughter.

And when the mother armed herself against this attacker in her own home… the cops arrest the mother??

I don’t know how the chief of police (or sherif or whatever they call him there) of the county police got his job, but he should lose it. The Attorney General should also lose his job for being stupid enough to charge the mother with a crime!

… and would someone get some mental help for this creep of a 21-year-old pedophile?


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  • I live nearby where this happened and some important details were left out...

    Mom admitted to choking daughter and threatening to kill her before she fired the rifle. The daughter was beaten about the face and head with a flashlight as well. Mom admitted to firing a shot into the ground "in frustration" to stop the boyfriend from "kidnapping" the daughter. Problem is that no bullet or bullet impact was ever found, daughter wasn't in the boyfriend's car and was running from the mother when this occurred.

    During the Mom's preliminary hearing there was even more evidence discovered that additional felony charges were brought against mom.

    At no time has the boyfriend been once accused of anything sexual with the daughter, not even by the mom. Mom is undergoing counseling for anger management, domestic battery and substance abuse as ordered by the courts. During all this, dad has divorced mom as well, leading me to believe that mom's not in any way an innocent at all in this case.

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