Democrats' Un-American Hate for the Constitution

-By Warner Todd Huston

California Democrat Pete Stark thinks that the Constitution of the United States is powerless to control the every desire of Democrats. He thinks that the Constitution is not a guide for limited government, but an excuse for intrusive government.

It’s easy to dismiss Stark over his long history of distempered public behavior but his core belief is the core belief of the un-American Democrat Party as it exists today. They all, to a man, feel that there is nothing that prevents them from doing just anything they feel like doing. They imagine we are a “democracy” that needs only a winning number of votes to do anything. No law, no principle, no tradition binds them.

This is the main ideological precept of America’s Democrat Party. Untrammeled power aggregated unto themselves is their only guiding principle. Everything else, including — maybe even especially — the Constitution of the United States withers in the face of their tyrannical, despotic grab for total power over our lives.

Stark isn’t the only one that has been heard to say that the Constitution is meaningless in the face of the desires and agenda of the Democrat Party. Illinois Democrat Phil Hare also recently said that he doesn’t care about our laws, our traditions, our safety or our Constitution.

When asked where in the Constitution Phil Hare finds the power to take over the economy, our healthcare, and any other thing he feels that he’s smarter than us to take over, Congressman Hare admits that he doesn’t care about that silly old Constitution thingie.

My favorite is when Congressman Hare claimed that he read this 8,100 page bill “three times.” What a liar.

And when he was called on that obvious lie, he stomped out the door. Poor lil fella. Of course, the TRUTH is that there is no way on earth that he’s read the entirety of a 8,100 page bill any “three times.” More likely he never read it once.

All I can say is I hope Illinoisans in the 17th Congressional District vote Bobby Schilling in November!

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