Chicago Mayoral race prediction: Rahm Emanuel wins an easy plurality, but must face Gery Chico in April 5 runoff.

When they count all the votes on Tuesday night, the favorite from the get go to become Chicago’s next mayor, Rahm Emanuel, will be in first place, but he will have to face Gery Chico in an April 5, 2011 runoff.  Rahm’s 48% total will be a few per cent short of the majority he needed to win the Chicago Mayor’s race outright.  Chico has been moving up steadily in the last month and that trend will continue until election day, giving him a campaign high of 27%.  Carol Moseley-Braun, at 12%, will double her showing in the most recent non-candidate poll, but fall way short of what many anticipated when she became the African-American consensus candidate and of her early polling numbers. Miguel del Valle, the lowest funded of the major candidates, will make it into double digits at 10%.  Patricia Van-Pelt Watkins and Dock Walls, the two candidates who lacked the political background, organization and polling numbers sufficient to get the attention of the mainstream media, will garner 3%  of the vote.

To recap:

Rahm Emanuel, 48%

Gery Chico, 27 %

Carol Moseley-Braun, 12 %

Miguel del Valle, 10`%

Others, 3%

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