Off With Their Reds!!! Become a Queen of Hearts with Red Lips!


Ok, so Halloween might be over, but you can still roll around the city with a bold red lip! Throw it into your holiday look, or any look for that matter, just try something new. If you hate it, take it off…. IT IS’NT A TATTOO!!!

How to pick the perfect red lip

1. Go to Mac Pro on Armitage and ask for Celine. If she is not there, anyone there will be amazing.

2. Get a lip primer, liner and lipstick. They can help you pick the perfect color based on your coloring and what you want it for. If it’s for work, they might do a bold gloss. If you want something for going out then bring on the Madonna!!!

3. Be honest with them and go in on a Monday or Tuesday around noon when it’s a little slower so that you have their full attention. Have them write down specific instructions for your particular lip choice.

4. No matter what you do end up going home with, scrub those lips with your tooth brush to remove dead skin before you put the lip on at home.

It might seem like getting a whole new lip look at MAC isn’t Pretty Cheap at all, but you will end up saving money doing this. If you go to a drug store and buy 7 reds that are not hot, you have spent more than you would have if you’d just gotten the right lip to begin with. Trust me. These products will last you forever!

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