How to make yourself look like you did'nt just run in rain.

I am sorry to report that there are rainy days ahead. Here are my tips on how to look good even if you are caught up in the rain.

the trouble.jpg

Now this is a beauty dilemma that you actually do not think about until it happens or even worse until its just too late. Rain can even make the cast of Gossip Girl look like the Dark Knight. Here is how you can try and fix a wet mess after running in the rain.

1. Face first! (If you are not wearing makeup skip down to hair) If you save your face then the rest of you might stand a chance. In a perfect world we woud all have an umbrella at all times, this is not the case. I have often used a jacket or coat and thrown it over my face and hair like a tent with legs. I have used trash bags and have even dipped into stores and asked for a bag. It does not matter what you use just remember if you have a choice, save your face.

2. If you do get your face wet, get to a mirror stat! Pat your face with your finger tips and not a cloth, unless you have a smokey eye heading south. In the event that you have black running down your face, grab a little bit of hand lotion and rub it under your eye like you are putting on eye cream. I would not normally suggest this, but we are talking epic face problems here. If the top of your eye is creasing, pat the top of your eyelid and keep tapping and re spread the eyeshadow with your finger. Please carry a black eyeliner in your purse (I use one that I am about to toss in the trash because it is so small, make it sharp and keep the cap on). I also try to carry a sample sized mascara (Get these at gift time in department stores or buy a cheap, like really cheap, one at the drugstore). I really love to also carry a Touche Éclat from YSL. This magic pen is not cheap, but you do not need to use it all of the time, just in cases like these when you need a lot of help. Use it as a cover up and highlighter. Use a lipstick on your cheeks in a pinch like cream blush. Dot a few dots on the cheek and blend with fingers. To finish off gloss those lips, girl.

3. Hair, dont worry we can save it! If your hair is straight, it is now flat and kind of stringy. If it is long or short, use bobby pins to fix it. Twist and pin the front. You can use clear or light pink chapstick as pomade. Sounds weird, but it works! Carry rubber bands and use them. A cheap headband can work wonders as well. Do not try to dry it under the hand dryer in the bathroom. It will look tragic and fried.

If your hair is curly or wavy do not freak out!!! Do not try and dry it or even mess with it to much. Scrunch, scrunch. Just make it go really curly and really crazy, you can still use bobby pins to save the front.

For all kinds of hair, slick it and pull into a tight pony tail or bun. With short hair just slick it like you just came off of the runway in paris.



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  • This was the best blog yet...and so timely. Your ideas are original and really, really helpful. Keep 'em coming...please!!

  • Thank you. I was bummed about the rain today so I wanted to blog about it. I guess I am just not ready for the weather yet. Blegh. One hopes that they will never have to use chapstick in there hair but it happens huh. hahahha

  • I don't live in chicago but in dublin is quite similar so thanks Eliza ;)

  • Great Blog and can't wait to read more tips and tricks! Thanks Eliza!!

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