3 Great Boxing Footwork Drills

Boxing is the bomb!  It is an amazing workout and it offers brilliant stress relief.  Chicago offers so many places to take boxing fitness classes.  There are many things you can expect from a great boxing class:

  1. Learning the proper technique for punching will provide you with a rush of confidence.
  2. You will know immediately if you like to hit things or not.  If you do, you just found your new form of therapy.
  3. Class will offer a new challenge to overcome that is laced with motivation.
  4. You will receive a total body workout.
  5. Your abs will receive a workout when throwing punches because they are so core-intensive.

Footwork is a highly overlooked element of a comprehensive boxing workout. Footwork is a critical part of this awesome training program.

Footwork drills offer key movement patterns that simulate the variety of movement used when punching.  Here are three great footwork drills that use very affordable equipment.



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