How to throw a boxer's hook

How to throw a boxer's hook
Clean boxer's hook by Mayweather.

The boxer’s hook is the prettiest punch in boxing. Yes! Pretty!  Not pretty like a flower, but pretty as in poetry in motion.  What makes the left hook (for those who are right-handed) a magical punch is that it is a power punch that sits far closer to the opponent than the right hand.  Certainly, the right hand (or straight cross, left punch for southpaws) is no slouch, but most people have a right hand.  Developing your left hook is the boxer’s gem.  It is best to learn a technical hook before stylizing it.  But there are several technical aspects to the boxer’s hook that are much harder to learn than straight punches.  Here is a video that gives you some basic tips.

5 Reasons why the straight cross is easier than the left hook (vice versa for southpaws)?

  1. The weight transfer is easier and a bit more intuitive.
  2. Using the left arm (AKA less coordinated arm) is awkward for most people and if they have only played traditional sports like baseball or golf which do little ambidextrous movement.
  3. It is easier to learn how to pivot off the rear foot than it is to pivot off the lead/front foot.
  4. The position of the fist on a cross is easier because you simply rotate your palm down when you make contact, unlike the hook, where there are a couple options.  The two most common positions are : the palm rotates towards you or the palm faces the ground.
  5. It is easier to keep your elbows down when launching the cross.  When throwing the hook,beginners swing their arm causing their elbow to lift too much and too soon.

My 5 favorite characteristics of the boxer’s hook.

  1. The explosive burst of the pivot (off the lead leg).
  2. When thrown perfectly, the straight right follows effortlessly.
  3. It really can be thrown from a few different ranges and still land hard.
  4. The way my abs feel when I throw a lot of hooks and drill it like a golfer hits balls on the range.
  5. It can define a boxer’s true technical level – without a clean crisp hook, cross or cross, hook – you just look like a brawler.
Dereck Chisora vs Vitali-Klitschko.  Chisora has a classic brawler style.

Dereck Chisora vs Vitali-Klitschko. Chisora has a classic brawler style.

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