Make Your Punch Faster

There are so many ways to improve your punching.Most people want to improve either their power or their speed. Punching style is irrelevant.  A straight right hand is fairly standard.  If it’s not straight, it is most likely a  hook, uppercut or an overhand.  This drill works great in increasing the speed of the punch and the overall sharpness.  I like it because it also integrates the entire body.  All you need is a heavy duty resistance tube and a solid anchor point.  This particular band is most comfortable because it has a foam cover.  But I have also have made due with many different type of tubing.  I hope you find this sport-specific drill useful and easy to follow.


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    This is a great drill! Anyone can also do it at home, just secure the band well to something very sturdy. At my new school martial arts pleasanton school I will probably work this out using yoga bands; it will make the person holding it work too. You have many great videos on your youtube site too: I hope others check them out too!

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