The Diet of an Exercise Science College Student: Diary of an Intern

The Diet of an Exercise Science College Student: Diary of an Intern

My intern from UIC’s Department of Kines is very focused on his diet.  Aside from being part of the infastructure of POW, he is very educated on nutrition and his course work has provided him with an amazing understanding of how the body really works. His name is Piotr Lewkowski.

Exercise also makes me that much more motivated to eat healthy. I have to admit that motivation is something I’m never running low on, but there are moments where I’ll stare indecently at a baked potato or cheeseburger. Admittedly, every now and then I’ll succumb to my primal urges for something deliciously sweet or mouthwateringly greasy.

Currently my diet is pretty straightforward: 5-7 meals per day (including shakes), hitting all the food groups for a total of about 2500 calories on non-exercise days and 3000+ calories on exercise days. 20% of calories are coming from fat, 30-40% are coming from protein and 40-50% are coming from carbs. I don’t shy away from simple carbs because they have their place—before and especially after a workout. I don’t buy the “eat complex carbs before a workout to maintain energy levels late in the session” story because there’s scant science backing up that claim. Only when the workout lasts longer than an hour or is incredibly intense do you risk depleting your glycogen stores. If that might happen, carbs before and during the workout can improve performance.

The benefit of consuming simple carbs immediately after exercise is that it spikes your insulin levels, prompting your body to pump nutrients into your cells. This effect is particularly pronounced after exercise, which is why it is

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