Have You Had An Elbow Injury From Learning ArmBars? Diary of A POW Intern

Have You Had An Elbow Injury From Learning ArmBars?  Diary of A POW Intern
Armbars used in military training as well.

It is valid to say that one could never be done learning.  The martial arts seems to make this point every day.  I learn armbars every time I take jiu jitsu with Dino Costeas or his assistant teacher- Matt Thor.  He is so focused on a strong foundation and armbars look awesome when the instructors do them.  Then of course there are so many variations and applications from the ground.  As I have mentioned, I have had to take a step back from training because of an elbow injury.  I didn’t do anything specific to injure it, but according to Katalin it is very common for people to ‘tweak’ their elbow in jiu jitsu.  We have discussed this over the weeks, because I’ve had a nagging pain.  Most recently she explained to me that she has seen a lot of elbow injuries in jiu jitsu, particularly from men with muscular arms.   I wonder if others learning jiu jitsu have had this same problem –  just by the simple nature of doing and receiving  arm bars over and over .

So went back to Jiu-Jitsu this past week and I noticed a couple things: 1) my elbow was not necessarily in pain, but I could feel it, 2) I’m no longer gassed after 2 minutes—more like 4 (still an improvement!), and 3) I’m much better at controlling my breathing while sparring which is probably the cause of #2 and ultimately delays the moment I tap (still just as frequent).  Since armbars are a bread and butter move in MMA, any ground fighting discipline, krav maga and jiu jitsu, I will continue to bust them out.

written by Piotr Lewkowski, a Senior at UIC in the Dept of Kinesiology and a POW MMA Intern.


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