Freerunning, Better Suited For Fight Scene Choreography

I will
always promote the martial arts as the most amazing and comprehensive training
experience.  But I marvel when I watch freerunning or parkour.
 Although it is easy to combine these two hobbies, you do not need to have
martial arts or gymnastics skills in order to learn freerunning. For
today’s aspiring martial arts styled stuntmen, freerunners with martial arts
skills seems to be ideal.  Although
most freerunning sites say anyone can learn, it does seem like martial arts
skills would make you the ideal candidate if you wanted to convert your hobby
into a career.  It used to be that
a combination of tae kwon do and wushu made you eligible for action film
auditions.  But today, I believe
that you must have a strong foundation in freerunning into to pursue a career
as a martial arts action star, actor, choreographer or stuntman.


The film
industry seems to be past the overuse of wire tricks combined with wushu styled
kicks. The most popular type of fight scenes seem to feature close quarter
fighting or freerunning action.  Fight
scenes like those in the Bourne Identity films feature reality based fighting
commonly found in Krav Maga, but the newer James Bond films showcase the
amazing action of parkour or freerunning. 
What makes the integration of freerunning exciting is how the camera
must follow the action and the fact that so many of the tricks are performed
without wires.


For today’s
aspiring martial arts styled stuntmen, choreographers and actors, freerunners
with martial arts skills seems to be ideal.  So if you have a desire to take your martial arts skills and
cross over to any form of entertainment, even live shows, video games or the performance
arts you may want to find a local freerunning club to develop the most
progressive camera friendly moves.

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How to Get Started

Please do not try the movements at home.

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