Elvis Was a Martial Artist

What is not to love?  

Elvis  was a
huge proponent of the martial arts. 
Elvis studied martial arts because he felt it would benefit his life
overall.  He did not pursue it for
movie roles or Hollywood status. 
He first began karate in 1958 after he was drafted into the Army.  While stationed in Germany, he studied
with a shotokan stylist named Juergen Seydel.  Elvis quickly recognized the value of martial arts training,
he spent a 30 day furlough in Paris with Tetsugio Murakami.

It was not until 1960 that Elvis met Ed Parker, who has
become known as the father of American Kenpo.  He saw him do a demo at the Bevelry Hills Wilshire
Hotel.   But Elvis received
his black belt in Kenpo in 1969 from Hank Slomanski.  In fact,  he
past his very own black belt down to Elvis. 

Once he moved back to Memphis, Elvis began training with
Kang Rhee.  During the years 1970
and 1974 he trained in a traditional Korean dojo along side everyone else.  In 1973, he was awarded a 7th
Degree Black Belt.  I am not sure
what happened to the 2nd through 6th degrees, but Rhee did
promote him further and in 1974 he received an 8th Degree Black

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