Do You Love Muhammad Ali? Amazing Public Art in His Honor

Gorilla Productions is showcasing the skill inside and outside the ring in a tribute to Ali.  The tribute features the man as a poet, athelte and political man.  To view their website click here.

LA Offers an Amazing Public Art Display of Ali – Opened today!

Today, March 25th is also the opening day for a public art monument that is larger than life in the Nokia Plaza across from the Staples Center in LA, CA.  The commission  based project was a collaboration between artist Michael Kalish and architect Oyler Wu.  It is amazing if you are a boxing fan.  Beyond a love of the sweet science this public art display, like so many, is a wonderful draw for the city.  Chicagoans are no strangers to this concept.  We have been graced with so many worthwhile art walks that have brought us sculptures from all over the world, cows from behind the moon and hearts from the far reaches of rainbow love.

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