EA Sports MMA Game Brings Fedor vs Couture to Life

ea mma.jpegFinally a game that presents MMA right – only a portion of EA Sports MMA game is fighting. Developed by the guys who created Madden Football, this one takes the MMA role playing to a new level.  The fact that it has so many other components like training, studying specific moves and trying out for an online bout offer super appeal to gamers.  EA Sports MMA game has everyone talking about its dream match-ups like  Fedor ‘The Last Emperor’ Emelianenko and Randy ‘The Natural’ Couture, and even Frank verse Ken Shamrock.  There are over 60 fighters to choose from – including fighters from the early UFC days. Beyond the fighters you choose, you pick who you want to train with offering even pioneers like Rickson Gracie as a possible coach.  On top of that, you can fight and train wherever you want. If you are a MMA fan who plans on playing the game to see the fights and match-ups you dream of, you may want to remember that it is stick skills that matter more in this alternative combat reality.  But hanging with Couture, Bas, Andrei, Sapp, Rickson, Militech is enough to inspire a go around from the sofa. Even Couture who admits he could not play the game, since his game days were during Pong’s peak,  loves watching it.  Couture did the game against Dana White’s wishes, but who cares he is retiring anyway and he will not fall short of a paycheck anytime soon.  
Cool Aspects of the Game:
  • Character rooster is International, represents the biggest names from the beginning to today.
  • Various fighting styles and wait classes represented in the 60 plus fighters.
  • You have to learn how to apply the different fighting styles in the match.
  • Offers a tutorial which is cool on the various techniques, but you must be good with controller coordination and finger dexterity like all games.  
  • Offers a CAREER mode, where you can mature your fighter’s skill set.  You choose career paths and even tshirt line. You are given 8 week training mode if you sign on for a fight.  But you will only fight with the skill set you trained.  You then can choose to train over the 8 weeks to your opponent’s weaknesses or build your own set of skills.  Only working one thing at a time.
  • Online has cool features.  Quick matches where they compete ranked bouts where they can obtain higher belts. Or fight 10 player spectator events.  But its Live Bouts are receiving kudos. It is streamed live with announcers giving the commentary, bringing you into the starring light which once you win is broadcasted on the website.
Check Out Game Trailers- a Free PODCast to see more details about the game.

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