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Although Bruce Lee is known for the system Jeet Kune Do (JKD), he trained in several disciplines and preached the need to integrate a mixture of martial arts.  Whether you are fan of his films or his iconic presence as a martial artist, you know that he is probably the single most influencial person in the martial arts community.  Although the art of JKD was intended to be free and somewhat formless, it originated with loose structure.  It teaches wing chun drills, kali foundation, kicking (that resembles the strong technical foundation from karate and tae kwon do) and straight up boxing.  Today, JKD has had to incorporate ground fighting components into order to remain relevant.  It is constantly referencing jiu jitsu, and rightfully so since it is the most effective and comprehensive ground fighting system.  But if Bruce were alive he would already be a pro in BJJ – I am convinced of it – since his whole philosophy was the mixture of the fighting styles to make a more complete martial art.

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