Story from Bleacher Report: Top Ten Fighters to Never Win UFC Belt

20100824091923_IMG_1962.JPGSpencer Tucksen put together a great list of MMA fighters on the Bleacherreport that have never won the belt in the UFC.  I am sure it was hard to decide on only ten.  He says he was inspired by Kenny Florian’s loss at UFC 118 to Gray Maynard.  I am not sure I agree that Floran should have pulled the win out of the score cards.  However, I think that Florian who is 13-5 is a well composed fighter.  He is better than his record indicates. His losses are notable in that they are to great fighters:  Diego Sanchez, BJ Penn, Sean Sherk, Drew Fickett and Gray Maynard.  Some believe that you are only as good as your opponents.  Three of these 5 losses were by decision.  He seems to manage himself over the course of the rounds, but does not always see the opening to finish the fight.  

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