UFC 118 James Toney vs Randy Couture & BJ Penn vs Frankie Edgar

UFC 118 in Boston is tonight offering as a headline a spectacle of a main event, Randy Couture vs James Toney.    On some level it signifies the need for a senior division for the mixed martial arts.  Some believe this fight will answer questions of whether a boxer is better or tougher than a wrestler/MMA player or who may even be more dangerous.  Setting aside that Toney does have better hands than Couture, I still think it does not matter within the cage.  Personally, I am not too thrilled about this fight, I am only watching it because I got a babysitter.  These are not the match-ups I like to invest analysis into.  Should Toney win he will not earn any props from me.  Regardless of outcome, Couture is the better fighter, athlete and technician.  This is coming form a hard core boxing fan, who believes it is still one of the greatest sports of all time.  But if Couture avoids entering the octagon with tunnel vision due to the hype, he should beat Toney no later than the 2nd round.

But what makes taking a babysitter for tonight worth it instead of catching up on sleep is the Frankie Edgar vs BJ Penn fight.  This is a lightweight championship fight.  Penn is always a draw to me.  He is well-rounded on every level.  I love how he transitions from one aspect of the game to another.  He posses the instinct most fighters dream of having and he still enters the cage with a sprinkle of unpredictability.  His loss to Edgar in April, when UFC visited the middle east for a debut that took place in Abu Dhabi, should keep Penn’s mind sharp and focused tonight.  I have viewed many of Penn’s losses as periods of poor focus in his life.  Penn has admitted that he enjoys his life in Hawaii to its fullest and it can impact his training and motivation.  Despite Edgar being the champion, he absolutely the underdog (-350 Penn / +250 Edgar, sports-odds.com).

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