Ontario, Canada Approves MMA

Taken from USA Today, by Sergio Nan


didn’t take long for Canada’s largest province to embrace mixed martial arts,
once the Ultimate Fighting Championship set up shop in its biggest city.

government agreed to begin formally regulating mixed martial arts bouts in
2011, the
Toronto Sun
reports. The move comes less than three months after UFC announced the
opening of an
office in Toronto
, Ontario’s capital and the most populated metro
region in Canada.

UFC’s parent company, has been holding events in Canada since April 2008, when
its Montreal debut drew a live crowd of more than 21,000 to set a North
American attendance record for the sport. Since then, UFC and WEC events have
been held in Vancouver and Edmonton.

But Ontario until recently has been
resistant to UFC’s lobbying efforts. The administration of the province’s
premier, Dalton McGuinty, said for months that MMA sanctioning was not a

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