James Toney Played Dana White for Fame and Dinero





Well, I know that it is over and done with, but James Toney fighting Randy Couture is just so annoying.  I am glad that Couture got an easy pay day and all, but Toney is such a disgrace.  Some are even calling Toney’s attempt as a ‘hard try.’   Toney is so out of touch when it comes to the MMA game – he air-tapped for god-sake.   Why do we need to even entertain these spectacles.  Doesn’t it undermine the sport ?  Shouldn’t a PPV showcase the highest level of athlete in the sport?

Keep in mind, I am a long time boxing fan.  I love it!  But Toney has never peaked my interest.  He entered the sport of boxing around 160 pounds and grew to over 250lbs.  Toney’s devastating uppercut has never lured me to become a member of his fanbase.  But I will admit I am prejudice against the big, flat footed, sloppy boxers that swing just heavy hands.  I idolize the Cesar Chavez, Sugar Ray, Teofilo Stevenson, Oscar De la Hoya and even a Marvin Hagler.  Toney molested Dana White for maybe a year to be given the chance to walk into the cage against a great MMA fighter.  I do not believe his efforts were driven by a desire to fight for boxing’s honor.  They were perfectly calculated, a self promotion that earned him a pay check he would not normally have inside the ropes.  James Toney simply played Dana White and the sport of MMA for additional fame and dinero.

Here is another side of things on ESPN news.



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  • Katalin, please don't pretend you know anything about boxing. It's as embarrassing reading your analysis of boxing as it was for Toney to get manhandled by Couture. You say you are not a fan of James Toney because you don't like "big, flat footed, sloppy boxers that swing just heavy hands." If you have ever -- ever once -- seen a single round of a James Toney fight, you would know that he is not sloppy or a brawler, but one of the smartest, cageist, hardest to hit fighters ever. He is a boxer-puncher. He rarely gets hit in a boxing match. He is not sloppy in the least. Ask anyone who remotely knows anything about boxing: they will tell you that Toney is a more skillful fighter than the fighters you profess to love because of their boxing abilities: Julio Cesar Chavez, Teofilo Stevenson (never a pro fighter! how did you come up with him? Ha!!!), Oscar De la Hoya and Marvin Hagler. You are a joke!

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    Your opinion on the sport of boxing is welcomed. Your comment is featured as part of my blog today.

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    pretty sure they used each other to make money.

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