Corporations! MMA is Perfect for Stress Management

There is nothing brilliant about pointing out that stress levels have increased for most in the past 2 years.  Whether your heart lies alongside the Obama stimulus package debate, pot holes that lay as death traps on our streets, our efforts in the middle east or the downsizing and restructuring of so many of our city’s corporations, stress is one of the most destructive variables in our life.  The ability to manage and resolve stress is as important as eliminating fatty foods that lead to high blood pressure and heart disease.

MMA training is an ideal way to cope with stress in an uncertain financial climate and when you feel you have poor career stability.  There are many sources that discuss the warnings signs of excessive stress:

  • Fatigue
  • Poor focus
  • Sleeping problems
  • Lack of interest in your job
  • Un characteristic poor performance and completion of your work responsibilities
  • Irritability
  • Depression
  • According to Dr. Maureen Stress, Clinical Psychologist, “I think the idea of bring MMA fitness and/or Krav Maga to the workplace as a method for alleviating stress and negative affect is innovative and exciting.  MMA fitness and Krav Maga offer students a wonderful balance of physically challenging exercise and mentally stimulating strategizing.”  With the number of unemployed and the nervous nature of many workers, it would be a prolific decision for Human Resource Departments to offer a stress management workshop that brings MMA to the work environment.  Your first thought, Yes, it can be done safely and professionally. For example, MMA Fitness or Krav Maga Training (an MMA application for reality based self defense created by the Israeli army) could help accomplish the following.

    • Offers bonding among the staff, particularly between high and low level positions.
    • Demonstrates the company’s concerns for their employee’s overall health – mental and physical.
    • Creates a exercise that serves as a safe platform where the playing field in the office is equal.
    • Offers a specific and direct exercise that alleviates stress.
    • Creates a fun activity that is trendy and progressive.
    • Is an explicit exercise that gives participants a chance to appropriately channel, in a controlled manner their aggressions.

    Since so many executives and professionals (see previous blogs from this week) are using it on their own time in a successful manner in managing their stress, why not bring it to the company setting. Dr. Stress points out that, “MMA might be a nice addition in the arsenal of incentives some companies offer employees to stay healthy and reduce health care costs.”  I believe many of the drills can be recreated in a corporate setting that would boost morale immediately and generate an eager level of participation.   The following drills that are presented in the slide show how POW students focus their work stress.  Gain the most therapeutic results by customizing labels for each drill and focusing your efforts on ridding yourself of the stress related to that project, person or anxiety.  Employees should come with their own signs ( between 5 to 10) and be allowed the opportunity to be honest and detailed.  No judgements can be cast on the stress they identify to effect them the most.

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