MMA Meets Kettlebell Training, Part 5

This is absolutely one of the best exercises ever!  It is the perverbial ‘total body’ movement.  It requires balance, a strong core, focus, coordination and technique.  The actual movement even without the kettle bell is challenging and completely applicable to mixed martial arts.  The movement is biomechanically sound and depicts how to properly get up from the ground.

If you notice in the third frame (top row), the position of the kettlebell is completely above the shoulder joint, not behind it or in front of it.  Once the kettlebell is properly aligned with the shoulder, then the left leg (opposite leg than the arm with the bell) can ‘thread’ itself underneath the body and engage in lifting upwards through a standard lunge or split squat.  Once in a lunge position the body can stand straight up while balancing the kettle bell above the head (see frame one, second row).  Then proceed to walk forward into a lunge and reverse the motion, lowering yourself down to the ground.
  1. Keep the kettlebell above the shoulder joint.
  2. Avoid hyperextending your elbow.
  3. Keep the shoulder blade depressed and lengthen you rneck.
  4. Do not let go of your core.
  5. Warm up with about 5 reps of this movement on each side without weight.
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