MMA Meets Kettlebell Training, Part 2

unnamed.jpgThe Russian kettlebell can offer so many challenges. They offer a dynamic experience in any workout setting.  Since this week is dedicated to giving you one exercise each day, I will also give a little information daily on how kettlebell training is useful for the martial artist.  

Kettlebells have a way of recruiting your entire body into an exercise.  They do not simply isolate one group of muscles and not in a predictable concentric and eccentric way.  Kettlebells help recreate how the body moves functionally which is particularly important with athletics.  The exercise below is simple, but perfect for a mixed martial artist.  It mimics a change in levels which is critical in MMA.  It will help generate power when moving through levels and trains you how to engage what I call the ‘push muscles.’  The push muscles are those that you explode from, not necessarliy through into order to accomplish a sport movement.
In this exercise, the kettlebell can flip up so the bell is pointing towards the ceiling.  When using the type I have in the picture it does not pose strain on t he wrist or back of hand.  Even with a modest weight this exercise using the kettlebell with a thinner handle can push you to your threshold.  The authenic kettlebells have a thick handle and may hurt the back of your hand.  It is valuable to learn the technique for flipping the kettlebell up which is a unique component to kettlebell training.

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