Rich Franklin, Nothing Will Stop Him

41502.jpgA lot of words have been dedicated to Rich Franklin
lately.  He has been generous in
sharing time and insight with readers.  His most recent performance against Chuck Liddell has
revived interest from fans and earned him the tagline of  ‘A True Warrior’.  The Former UFC  Champion approached his fight against
Chuck Liddell with enthusiasm despite being Tito Ortiz’s replacement and
starting his training one week after he was allowed physical activity from his
hernia surgery in January of this year. 
Franklin’s career has been a great one up to this point.  Although he suffered a few losses in
the past couple years, Franklin over the past five years has had 14 fights with
great wins against Evan Tanner, Nate Quarry, David Loiseau, Matt Hammill,
Travis Lutter, Wanderlei Silva and Chuck Liddell. 

What amazes so many about Franklin are the injuries he has
incurred in the octagon.  I would
not call him unlucky because Franklin is surrounded by a positive vibe and his
injuries have not impacted his commitment to the sport of MMA or his focus and
performance inside the cage.  After
beating Chuck Liddell at UFC 115 this past weekend, where he suffered a broken
ulna, we caught up and privately discussed his injuries from being inside the octagon.  Instead of berating him with questions
about Chuck and whether he believes he should retire, we focused on cataloging
his injuries and his retirement from the sport of MMA.

June 12, 2010

Chuck Liddell , WIN

Broken Ulna, Casted and placed in a sling

“I know they said I didn’t need surgery when they
examined  [Dr. Sanders] Sunday, but
I can hear and feel it clicking, so we will see.”

January, 17, 2009

Dan Henderson, LOSS

Eye Poke

“The poke I got from Dan [Henderson] was gross, there was a
piece of my eye ball missing, you will see it in the picture.  They did a non evasive surgical
procedure.  But that was real hard
for me, I have 20/15 vision so I do not have a lot of tolerance for things
around my eye.”

October 14, 2006

Anderson Silva, LOSS

Broken Nose, Surgery

“My nose break from Anderson was the most painful of all my
injuries.  They repaired a deviated
septum and straighten it out, which you can see in the picture it needed.  But there was not any true plastic
surgery done inside.  It was the
worst I have ever been, I couldn’t breathe, my lips were cracked all the time
from breathing out of my mouth and I couldn’t taste food.”

Hand Break, 2nd Metacarpel

“I had my hand broken in that fight too, what a night.”

March 4, 2006

David Loiseau, WIN

Hand Break, 2nd metacarpel

“My hand broke. 
It was a simple break, not damage was done to the knuckle, just to the bone.  It healed real well.”

None of these injuries made Franklin even contemplate quitting once he returned to his corner between rounds.  He admits that he was thinking how he would strategically continue the fight, but nothing stopped him from returning to his opponent.  I couldn’t help but ask Franklin how long doeshe realy think he could survive in MMA he suffered another nose break or serious injury.  Franklin, dis not seem to use his injuries as a variable that impacts when he woulod retire however he did offer the following, “At this stage of the game,
if I dropped two in a row I would sit down with my manager and see what he thinks
and what is best.  Two fight would set me back in the rankings.  A run
for the title isn’t my primary goal, I will continue to fight because  I love to
compete.  I am 35,  I always fought because I loved to
compete.  Aside from that I need to
have sub goals too.  Earning the title
would not matter if I lost my love for comptition.  So my retirement will be efected more by my losses than getting hurt again.”

To check out more on Rich Franklin and about he is up to check out his awesome website:

I would like to thank Rich for sharing the pictures in the slide show below.

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