Is MMA in the Movies Better?

MMA is
following in the footsteps that kung fu and wushu created during the peak of
Jackie Chan’s and Jet Li’s popularity.  Martial arts fight scenes bring
action to screen that can elevate an actor beyond just their character; simply
put it is just cool to look good while fighting.  Even professional
martial artists who practice punching, kicking, weapons, sparring on a regular
basis dream at some point in their career of seeing their skills on screen;
where your dream moves work perfectly and without flaw.


As a child I
fantasized about being in a James Bond film, doing amazing aerial kicks, judo
throws and even going toe to toe Ali style against the menacing scar-faced man.
 I was actually lucky, as soon as I stopped dreaming about this, it came
true at 22 years old.  I played the female ninjas, Kitana, Meleena and
Jade in the video game Mortal Kombat II.


Today it
seems that MMA skills are needed to make it on the screen as a martial arts
stunt-person or to capture a role as a token fighter.  It began with karate and kung fu as the chosen styles to
watch, and then transitioned into the wushu movement that brought acrobatic
elements of fights to the forefront of action films.  But today, MMA stars are making their presence known with
fight scenes that are trying to demonstrate more realism.


What type of
martial arts do you believe are best for film?  Are these films better than the days of films listed in
column two?


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