Another Wrestler Trying to Jump into the Cage

davebatista01.jpgThe Bleacher Report along with TMZ have revealed that Dave “The Animal” Bapista is negociating with Strikeforce. The deal however  is not sealed due to ‘sticking points.’  Another WWE top earner is taking a flying leap into the cage to maximize their earning potential, Bapista at 41 is going to experience what real fighting is about.  Bapista and other WWE wrestlers may find that transitioning over the ropes to inside the cage is what pushes their body to its final limits.   After a life of  stunts in entertainment wrestling, body building regiments and all the ‘supplements’ that create the hypertrophied physique, WWE wrestlers like Bapista are foolish to think that MMA is a mid-life hobby to add to their life.  Not a knotch on your belt that comes without major consequences – they need to consider most of us want to live actively until 80 years old.

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