Should MMA Events Feature Kickboxing Bouts?

badr_hari_b1-1.jpgI read through the MMA rumor-mil that Strikeforce may be considering adding kickboxing bouts to their MMA cards.  The primary kickboxing organizations out there that feature the best talent is K-1, based out of Tokyo, Japan and It’s Showtime, operated out of Amsterdam, Netherlands.  The MMA scene as it stands seems to have a lot of talent at its disposal.  With Dana White shelving so many of it’s fighters, giving Strikeforce access to many MMA superstars, it seems to me that it would not be a good move for Strikeforce who needs to draw an MMA audience to CBS and Showtime.

Although it may be looked at as a way to integrate the two audiences and show case a variety of combat sports talent, it would be counter-productive if nuturing an MMA fan base is a goal.  Furthermore, MMA organizations also have a responsibility to its fight community to offer an avenue for MMA fighters to gain exposure and fight experience.  
What are your thoughts on this topic?

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Bahr Hari vs Karaev 

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