Rich Franklin's MMA Exercises

Here is a continuation from Monday’s Blog.  Rich Franklin shares another exercise from his personal workout regiment.rich_franklin_winner.jpg

Franklin explains why he does the ball
knee tuck with rotations as part of his MMA training.

“The knee tuck and rotation mimics when I am laying on my
back and someone is in my guard and I am pulling them up off
balance.    If I want to train knocking them off balance, this
drill can help a lot.  So, the first part of the motion is to extend your
body out in a plank.  Then tuck your knees into your chest, pulling from
your abs.  And this is the part that feels similar to knocking someone off
balance when they are in your guard.  The second part of this exercise is
the rotation, which is much harder.   I turn my torso to one
side.  I need to keep my knees together when I twist so the rotation is
smooth.  This mimics so many things I do on the ground.”

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