Rich Franklin Gives Tips to Southpaw MMA Fighters

Rich Franklins Shares Basic Southpaw Tips

1254330871.jpgA Lefty’s Jab is Thrown Over the Top.

“As a lefty I am always fighting a righty.  I run into the problem that my
opponent’s lead foot is directly in front of my lead foot.  This places us in an open stance.  What I am trying to do is circle my
lead foot to the outside the whole time. 
I circle to my lead side for two primary reasons, 1) I want to stay away
from his power hand and 2) If I can get my lead leg to the outside of his lead
leg that opens up a lane for my cross to come in.  So the whole time I am in the ring he is going to try to
adjust to me stepping to the outside and then I adjust to him.  Now the jab comes into play here
because I don’t throw my jab here like a traditional straight jab.  Some of them I will.  But what you will find is that my jab
comes over top, like a loopy jab because I am trying to keep it coming from the
outside of his jab.  It looks like
a hook.  So, I carry my lead hand a
little wider because of this.  I
let my jab hand hang on top as I work for this angle – being on the
outside. “

The Straight Left Hand

“Once this lane opens up right here, I have set up the
straight left.    The
battle is for this optimal position.    Most boxers will set up their power punch
stepping straight with their jab. 
But as a lefty I have to create the angle, establish this open lane for
their power straight.  There is
nothing real tricky about it.”


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