Strikeforce Brings Heavy Hitters - MMA Fights Tomorrow Night

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Alistar “The Demolitian Man”Overeem (32-11) has taken a long trip to face Brett “The Grim” Rogers (10-1) in St. Louis, MO. on Saturday, May 15th and will air on Showtime 9PM ET. This matchup seems a little strange to me.  But not so weird that I do not want to watch the outcome.  Overeem has spent about 3 years fighting in Japan and almost doubled his size since we have seen him state-side.  

Overeem possesses a set of skills far greater than Rogers, he is stronger and he has 4 times the ring experience.   Rogers is known for heavy hands and his career is predicated on his knock out of Andrei Arvloski (who fights in an earlier bout).  Rogers does not have the vast capabilities of Overeem, even if he were entering the cage Saturday night in an earlier version of himself.  With all that being said, Overeem does not seem to be acknowledging his fight against Rogers – simply put – he is not taking it too serious.  He is looking past it and only has eyes for Fedor.  This is going to be a big mistake for Overeem and provide Rogers with the upper hand.  Rogers will most likely appear before the MMA community Saturday with a honest game plan.  If Rogers sticks to a strategy that involves being patient and avoiding situations like the clinch, where strength will matter and keeps his game where his right hand is always viable, Rogers will take the win.  Despite some sources giving Overeem a 75% chance  of winning, I would bet on the underdog.


Picture 43.pngAndrei “The Pitbull” Arlvoski recently signed a 3 fight contract with Strikeforce.  A great opportunity for The Pitbull’s rebirth after two losses that haunt him. Like any fighter who succumbs to the power punch of another, leaving the fight world to see them last – flat on the mat, his mental game has been altered over the last 18 months.  But Arolvski is better than his last two visits to the cage. He is iconic on paper – he has it all – atheltics, skills, saavy, MMA poise, sellability,conditioning and youth.  The Pitbull will take on Antonio “Big Foot” Silva (13-2) tomorrow night.   I have heard some devoted MMA fans say they believe this is actually a stepping stone match for Silva!

Silva is not to be under-estimated. Despite his loss against Fabricio Werdum on a Strikeforce event last fall, I was completely impressed with him.  He looked better than he ever has and I believe he is at the peak of his career and his game is as polished as it will ever get.  
Arlovski is definelty more vunerable than Silva and has to shake off his last two losses.  If Arlovski enters the cage remembering the man and fighter he was during his reigning UFC days, then this fight will present Silva with many problems.
Picture 33.pngSilva does have heavy hands and he is forceful, but he is slow in comparison.  Arlovski should have no problems seeing danger, but will he keep his eyes open?  The Pitbull is favored for this fight, but every write up and collegue mentions having no faith in the Bellarussian’s chin.  A fan of both fighters, I still want to see Arlovski maximize his new opportunity and work his way to a rematch with his comrade Fedor Emelianko.  Pitbull, show your fangs!
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