StrikeForce Brawl post mortem



Seriously, Mayhem, you thought these guys would be cool with you busting in on their teammates? This is Nick and Nate Diaz in 1993, as kids. I’m told this photo captures their “happiest childhood moments.”


You’ve seen and read about the brawl, now check out what those involved have had to say looking back. There have been apologies, justifications and non-sequitors.

Jake Shields say’s brawl was “no big deal.”

StrikeForce middleweight champion Jake Shields was interrupted in his post-fight interview by former opponent Jason Miller and that’s when the whole fiasco got going. Talking here with Ariel Helwani of MMAFighting, Shields says that Miller should not have gotten in his face, reveals that he has never before been hit harder than Dan Henderson hit him in the first round and says he doesn’t know if he’ll continue to fight in StrikeForce.


Nick Diaz: “It all just sort of happened.”

Shield’s teammate talks with Helwani about the fog of war and apologizes…sort of.


Coker says brawl bad for sport and unsure if Shields will return

StrikeForce head honcho Scott Coker did not seem in the best of spirits as he discussed the brawl and Jake Shield’s future with the organization. “That was Jake’s moment in the sun, that was taken away from him. It’s just, it’s too bad,” Coker said of Miller’s party crashing. No conclusive word on why Miller was allowed into the cage in the first place. Although Coker seems to suggest strongly that Miller acted entirely on his own and that no one prompted him to do so.

Sherdog’s Loretta Hunt got comment from Coker as well on how that happened, and CagePotato brings another hilarious photo shop



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