Steroids - What are they? Who's Using Them?


are organic compounds that your body naturally manufactures.  Did you realize that cholesterol and
testosterone are steroids?  There
are so many steroids found naturally that have an amazing impact on our
physical capabilities.  Because of
this, anabolic steroids, those synthesized as a drug, are wide spread amongst
the athletic community.

steroids simply put, increase the body’s ability to efficiently utilize protein
or synthesize it at the cellular level. 
This of course happens within the muscle.  The medical uses are so valuable for example it stimulates
bone marrow growth, equalizes the thyroid, promotes a healthy appetite in
cancer and AIDS patients, prevents bone loss and absolutely increases lean body

was in 1956 when a physician named John Ziegler joined forces with Ciba, an
American pharmaceutical company to combine testosterone with other strength
enhancers.  It is rumored that he
was inspired to do so after learning from a Soviet weightlifting team doctor
that he gave his athletes injections of testosterone, which is why they broke
records and won many gold medals in 1954. 
Ciba put out a drug called Dianabol and many in the weightlifting
community absorbed it as a part of their competitive training protocol.  It was the impact on strength and performance
that created a head spin by the athletic community and the results that quickly
ensued by weight lifters who used it drew attention from even notable research
communities.  For example, in 1960, anabolic
steroids were then used in the treatment of short statured children that
suffered from Turner Disease.  It
was the success that anabolic steroids had with these types of medical
conditions that also validated further study of its use in growth of muscle and

is the use of anabolic steroids for the purpose of enhancing sports performance
and lean body mass that is the most controversial.  Don’t get me wrong, there are many medical and health
professionals who want stricter guidelines for those using steroids for even
medical conditions, but it is the non-medical and elective use of these drugs
that draws the most attention and controversy. 

an athlete is caught using anabolic steroids and then exposed to the public, it
can ruin their career.  Even if the
use of these performance enhancers began 10 years into their career, the
athlete’s accomplishments from the onset will always be tainted. 

is a link on a story written by Matt Pitt from Sherdog that reveals insight
into the use of steroids.

is a great story on the use of steroids in MMA and a history of who has been

current steroid use stories that question our American athlete’s integrity.

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