Matt Hughes Breaks Down His Favorite Takedown

Can Matt Hughes regain his MMA sensibilities for Saturday’s fight against Renzo Gracie in UFC 112 in Yas Island, Abu Dhabi?  I have not heard any other consensus on his performance against Matt Serra, who is a Renzo Gracie protege, other than he still looked like a wrestler.  So it will be interesting to see if Hughes can evolve his MMA game, keep his conditioning at the highest level and brake out of his wrestler style of fighting.  Gracie is riding a 3 fight winning streak.  Hughes on the other hand, has won 2 and lost 2 in the 3 years.  Hughes shared a breakdown of a  single leg takedown with me.  

Hughes, who has kept his fans updated from Yas Island woke up this morning 6 pounds over weight.  In the past, this has offered little challenge for him.  Hughes is another UFC champion whose wrestling accomplishments have set the stage for his MMA career.  Originally coach by Pat Militech,, Hughes is now on his own with his own team and is coaching as well.  A local, more or less Hughes is from Hillsboro, Illinois.

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