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Nick Diaz cocks a right at Jason Miller (black hair, with red strip) during the fight after the fights Saturday night

By Elias Cepeda

In addition to being a StrikeForce middleweight, Jason “Mayhem” Miller hosts an MTV reality show called “Bully Beatdown,” and Saturday night he seemed to mistake a real-life situation for his scripted side-project.


Miller fought on the undercard of the CBS/StrikeForce Saturday night fights event in Nashville Tenn, winning in the first round against an overmatched Tim Stout. It was a showcase fight for Miller – an experienced and extremely skilled Brazilian Jiu Jitsu based fighter – as close to a “gimme” as can exist in a sport where your opponent is trying to knock you out or break a limb.


After beating Stout inside five minutes, Miller had a couple hours to rest before the man who he last faced, Jake Shields, defended his middleweight title against Dan Henderson. Whereas Miller’s elaborate dancing ring entrance that night probably took more planning and energy than his fight, Shields was a huge underdog, fighting fifteen pounds above his natural weight class against one of the most feared and accomplished MMA fighters in history.


Despite the odds, and getting beat up badly in the first round, Shields managed to route Henderson in rounds 2-5 and won a come from behind victory handily after twenty five minutes of battle. As an elated Shields and his team, including Gilbert Melendez, also an underdog who had just gone twenty five minutes in a dominating title win earlier in the night against Shinya Aoki, stood around being interviewed by CBS’ Gus Johnson, Miller walked into the cage to get more attention for himself.


Shields and Miller engaged in an under appreciated back-and-forth grappling war last November and Shields walked away with a close decision win. Miller, who for some reason was allowed in the cage at this time, walked up behind and then in front of Shield’s sponsor banner (which, savvy readers know is the way that these fighters get almost half or more of their money) and then got in the champion’s face, asking for a rematch.


Never mind that Shields was literally in mid-sentence during his interview as Miller shoved his way through his teammates, coaches and into the camera frame and the champ’s face, Shields still simply smiled and put a hand out to shake. Instead of shaking, Miller then got even closer – right in Shield’s face while “mean mugging” him, and appeared to bump his chest.




Good news – Miller’s show has been picked up for another season. Bad News – Miller had to be picked up off the canvas Saturday night after the brawl he started

At that point Melendez, standing next to Shields, rightly decided that Miller was not just being incredibly disrespectful, but was also simply too close, and shoved “Mayhem,” away. So, Miller interrupted Shields during his moment, got in his face, demanded something of him, rejected a hand shake and kind words only to get even more in Shields face and bump him and then a teammate of Shields shoved him away. For those keeping score that’s – Miller: Jackass interruption on national TV, shouting, invasion of special “me” space and then bumping with a staredown. Team Shields: Push the offender away.


Team Shields’ reaction seems perfectly reasonable at that point. Unfortunately things didn’t end there, and that was Miller’s fault.


After getting his face on camera again and making his point that he wanted a rematch (a very sensible and warranted idea), and bumping the champion, he could not deal with the offense of simply getting pushed back.


When he regained his balance after falling backwards into the sponsor banner, Mayhem put up his dukes and barged towards Melendez. Yes, Melendez is thirty pounds lighter than Miller, had fought about five times the amount Miller had that night and was simply and rightfully standing up for his teammate in a proportional way when he pushed Miller away. But “Mayhem,” still decided he should go after him with his fists.


If Miller didn’t think he was walking onto the set of his MTV show when he decided to crash Team Shields’ party, he sure wished he had soon afterwards. You see, for some astounding reason, the rest of Shields’ team, including welterweight champ Nick Diaz and UFC lightweight Nate Diaz, didn’t think it was right that Miller had pushed their friend Shields and then went after the much smaller Melendez and they decided to jump in and defend them as well.


As Miller got pummeled, pounded, dragged to the ground and stomped on in the moments that followed, you could only imagine him wondering how his cute little attention-mongering idea went wrong, wishing his MTV producers were there to protect him and yelling out “cut, cut!”


He couldn’t, or it wouldn’t have mattered. Miller wanted to start some “Mayhem,” and got it. Unfortunately for him, it came in the form of a angry blows raining down from above onto his dyed head.


Let’s leave the excessive moralizing behind for a moment. When you look at the plain and simple sequence of events that were caught on tape, “Mayhem” started something he couldn’t finish.


Miller started it, he escalated it, he got beaten down. I’m not saying I love the site of five-seven guys beating up one, but in this instance, I can certainly understand how it happened.


Perhaps hoping that “Mayhem” won’t act like a buffoon in the future is overly optimistic. But for his sake, he should at least keep it to his easy opponents and the chubby kids that appear on his MTV show.


Here’s a link to some of the brawl that was televised


StrikeForce Nashville Quick Results & Photo Gallery


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  • What a complete disgrace of an article. Was that written by the Diaz brothers mom - or maybe by the Gracie camp personal journalist ,as Elias Cepeda appears to be.

    Jason Miller at no time bumped Shields chest, or 'mean mugged'. Mayhem had a smile on his face, and only spoke to Shields when Jake himself acknowledged Mayhem. Everything was fine, other than Miller interrupting Shields interview, until Melendez decided to push Miller.

    Miller shrugged off Melendez and walked towards Shields - at that point Shields two hand shoved Miller into the advertising banner, at which point the Diaz brothers took it upon themselves to attack Miller. Several other Gracie camp members joined in. Nate Diaz waited until Miller was pinned on the ground with five people on top of him before attempting several soccer kicks at Millers head and body. Then some tubby member of the Gracie camp got enough courage to run over and start swinging once Mayhem was safely being beaten on by 5 other camp members.

    Thankfully Dan Hendersons corner was still in the cage and they were able to start pulling off the Gracie camp hooligans while Big John McCarthy pinned Nick Diaz to the ground and shoved his knee down onto Nick's chest.

    Everyone went back to their respective places, and Mayhem, walked out of the cage with barely a scratch on him despite the best efforts of the entire Gracie team.

    Diaz brothers, Melendez, tubby Gracie guy, and Jake Shields are an embarrassment to MMA. This article is an embarrassment to the truth, and this blog should be embarrassed for posting it.

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