Andrei Arlovski - Chicago Resident, MMA Pro - Great to See Him Back At It!

Are the fangs of Andrei “The PItbull” Arlovski ( ) resurrected with his new Strikeforce ( contract?  I would say absolutely!  With focus on MMA and not wasting time with Freddie Roach in the boxing world, The Pitbull seems to remember where his fangs were actually earned.  Dino Costeas (, his long time MMA and BJJ coach is hoping to keep Arlovski in play with a game that seems to be evolving yearly.  Many have wondered about his possible future after two almost career ending losses (to Brett Rogers and Fedor Emelianenko).  Unfortunately, the most we have see of him in the MMA scene has been as the highlight reel of 2009’s greatest knock outs.

With that being said, even the best all lose, losers even appear to be the best – but they are all fleeting moments and can change at any time.  Long time champions who have held ‘top game’ are recognized by the real MMA fans and they can always reemerge on top, reactivate their careers and reinvent their game.  As a person close to the Arlovski camp, I think this is the case.  Costeas ( has been a constant variable in the Bela-Russian’s camp, unfortunately fighting against management with a gold-digging, convoluted and straight up bogus strategy.    For years, it was due a lot to language barriers and blood-line loyalty, leaving Arlovski clearly confused about who had the honest, true and correct knowledgeable of MMA training and how the game changes more than any other sport.

Arlovski – Future Boxing World Champ or MMA Champ?

Well, Pitbull fans do not fret! We have revealed that Arlovski is not
being lead by boxing expert Roach – and for the love of the MMA game, Arlovski
is listening to all the right people again. 
Long time MMA /JJS coach Dino Costeas and Strength and Conditioning
Trainer Tim Allgretti reveal the resurrection of the Pitbull’s fangs has come
from changes in his training including comprehensive MMA workouts and sport
specific MMA functional exercises. Despite the horse and pony show that Freddy
Roach and his club has put on, Costeas and Allgretti are the catalysts behind
the new training methods Arlovksi has been following which have lead to the
offensive and more integrated fighter we all witnessed against Rothwell and
Nelson .  Costeas gave it to us
straight, “The recent resurface of a more compete ” Pitbull ” comes
directly after a sit down, heart to heart with Andrei. I said to him ‘you can fire me or beat me up. I am tired of the
passive, jab – jab- move, move style… you need to set an offensive pace and
go for the kill. That is the dog I know. You need to do MMA, not jab, jab, and
circle around.  You need to spar
MMA style, work and drill your knees, leg kicks, everything and get with Tim (Allegretto).  He took my talk to heart. “ 

Arlovski admits that the MMA sparring rounds he is doing is giving
him the pressure he needs to feel even more uncomfortable in MMA and forcing
him to experience the evitable pressure when stuck on his back.  In addition to the MMA, round
robins with fresh opponents each round, Arlovski gloats over his functional
training sessions that take place with Tim Allegretti a few times a week.  “Andrei has built great momentum with
these workouts now that we have been doing them for a couple years on a regular
basis, this momentum allows us to include highly efficient and specific
training exercises that address any weakness we have seen in the past and
enhance his explosivity and ability to recover very quickly,” says Allegretti.

As we approach his Fight Night with Strikeforce when he takes on Antonio “Bog Foot” Silva on May 15th I will keep you updated on Arlovski’s training.

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