Fight Sports Are Getting Safer. New Mouthpiece Protects Against Concussions and Jaw Injuries.9

Did you know that the International Sport Karate and Kickboxing Association has mandated that all athletes must wear a bi-molar jaw protective mouth guard during contact play.  This is the first mandate of its kind for mouth guard protective usage in a sports organization and many MMA organizations are considering the same.  Because of more awareness on preventing concussions, the medical community is trying to help keep the fighting sports safer.

Brain-Pad is a company that manufactures the bi-molar mouth piece that has been proven to reduce stem concussion from lower jaw impact and used by many of the contact sport communities.  When put into place, Brain-pads slightly shift the jaw bone down and forward to stabilize the jaw in place so that upon impact, the jaw bone won’t move up and into the skull.  For more information or to order go to:
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