5 Best MMA Fights of 2009

After getting the results of a survey that I have circulated over the last 10 days or so, I am ready to give you results as 2009 comes to an end.  The first question I posed is quite predictable, but always a great conversation starter.  Although there were so many great answers, because the year was filled with amazing match ups, I trimmed the answers down to only those that were considered ‘SUPERFIGHTS’ or main events.

What was the best MMA Fight of 2009?
Before answering this question, I feel a real fan should take the following factors into account.
1.  Is it a worthwhile matchup?
In otherwise, its not a fighter who was featured in one of the first UFCs ever against another man who is either at the peak or approaching the peak of this career.
2. Did the fight have significant hype and did it live up to the hype created?
So was it able to stand on its own and were the fighters worthy of the media coverage?
3. Did it end in a spectacular fashion?  
Do not confuse this with the distance it went, but rather did it truly end where you jumped off your seat , your arms flew in the air and you screamed – WHOA!

 In 5th place is:

Brock Lesnar (4-1-0) vs Frank Mir (13-4-0)
Mir Lost by TKO – stoppage in 2nd round, 1:48 seconds at UFC 100
In 4th place is:
Andrei Arlovski (15-7-0) vs Fedor Emelianenko (31-1-0)
Arlovski lost by KO in the first round – 3:14 seconds at Affliction – Day of Reckoning 1/24/09
In 3rd place:
Randy Couture (17-10-0) vs Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (32-5-1)
Couture lost in a decision at UFC 102 on 829/09
In 2nd place:
BJ Penn (15-5-1) vs Diego Sanchez (21-3-0)
Penn won by TKO due to stoppage in the round at 2:37 seconds on UFC 107, 12/12/09
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for BJ Penn VS Diego Sanchez UFC 107 Title Discussion.jpg
In 1st place:
Anderson SIlva (24-4-0) vs Forrest Griffin (17-6-0)
SIlva won y KO (punch) in the 1st round at 3:23 seconds at UFC 101, 8/8/09

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