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Jonathan Davis who is the lead vocalist for the  heavy metal/rock band Korn is a die hard MMA fan.  Davis, also plays bagpipes, guitar and drums in many of the recorded albums of the band.  Davis is ranked in the top 100 All Time Heavy Metal Vocalists.  Davis is a Bakersfield, California resident who has been hanging around the MMA scene since its inception.  A fan and friend of fighters like Tito Ortiz and Dean Lister, Davis has taken some time to give us insight into his views on MMA and little bit on his music.

are your Top MMA Entrance/Fighting Songs?

1.  James Brown-Big Pay Back

2.  Dethklok-Go Forth and Die

3.  The Fekel-Pummeling In

4.  Pantera- Walk

5.  Meril Haggard-Fighting Side.  Because he is from Bakersfield.

MMA is
comprised of striking/boxing, muay thai, jiu jitsu and  

fundamentals.  Which of these components do you enjoy  

the most?

really like watching the muay thai knees, elbows and kicks.  Even the punches are fun to watch, but
then who doesn’t like to also see someone get slammed on their head.

are your Top MMA Fighters in Any Weight Class?





5. Dean Lister

What are your favorite MMA Fights to watch?

I really like to watch the light weights.  It is non- stop action from bell to bell.   I think Rob Mccullah is always fun to watch.

Jonathan-Davis-Korn-12.jpgHave any Fighters Used Your Music for their entrance?

One time we let Tito use a song off one of our albums before we had released it , I thought that was cool.  Nobody had even heard the song yet and Tito was walking out to it for one of his fights. Somebody told me in a recent UFC a fighter walked out to our song- Hold On-I, didnt get to see the fight but i herd the guy won so that was cool.

Most played artists on your ipod today?

Black Light Burns

How long have you been a fan of MMA?

Ever since I first watched the movie Bloodsport.

Was there one MMA fight that was pivotal in you becoming a fans?

i cant remember one fight , but the feeling you get before a big title fight all nervous and on the edge of your seat. who doesent love that.

MMA fights have you been to that stick out in your mind as a  

time.  Who fought – and why was it such a great MMA fight night?

time when we were touring in Australia we had a day off and our friend Tim Shark took us to a fight – we had a table front row; they even fed us a 5
course meal.  A good friend of tim, Tommy Gun was fighting and he won in like 30
seconds . That guy was real good.

you started out as a musician, did you envision your success to  

become the exact type of music you play,  Or has your sound changed  

much from the days you began?

I started out as a DJ and was really into electronic music , now I’m in a heavy metal
band. So actually polar opposites of what I thought.

It is
important that your tours represent the fan’s absolute  

favorites? Or do you which there were songs you could drop from the  

and take a break from? What would you replace it with?

have to play what the fans want to here, we let them vote online to determine
what songs they want us to play. Then we pick songs we want to play for a
little suprise .

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