Best MMA Exercises 1 of 5 : Guard Sit-Up

guard punch:elbow 2.JPG

Andrei Arlovski Performing Guard Sit-Up with Elbow Strikes.

Each day this week I will post a new exercise that should be part of an MMA training program.  These exercises require an integration of explosive power, core work and strength.   If you are not an MMA fighter, which most of you are not, these are still amazing exercises that can be added to anyone’s workout.  Some may require items you do not have, but I will give you ways to substitute elements that most homes or gyms do not provide
The Guard Sit-Up, is exactly that.  Wrap your legs around a heavy bag, whether it is one that is hanging, like the picture or one on the ground.  By keeping the guard wrapped your adductors are engaged which draws involvement from your entire core and pelvic floor.  This is an amazing exercise for everyone because most people do not do enough inner thigh and pelvic floor training. So before beginning your sit-up, make sure that your guard is strongly wrapped which will also safe-guard your lower back from being strained.  Once you add on strikes, begin with straight punches.  This is the easiest version because the length of your straight punch does not require you to come up as far as a hook, hammer or elbow.  The closer range strikes or ones that are used for close-quarter fighting will require more strength and lower back flexibility.  Once you are at the point where you are doing elbows to the bag, your ABS are becoming a wall of MMA steel.
How Many?  Begin with 30 second intervals at 2-4 sets.  Worry less about the number and more about the quality of complete movement.  As you get stronger, length the time, the number of rounds, the difficulty of strike and keeping trying to knock someone out with each strike you do choose to use.
Let me know if you work this or already have it as part of your regiment.  Give readers specific feedback on how you like to work this into your routine.

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