Best MMA Exercise 5 of 5: Armbar

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Armbars on the Rope

The final exercise in the Best of series of MMA exercises is the Armbar on the rope.  At first glance, or without having a jiu jitsu skill set, this exercise looks like a double leg lift.  This movement is similar to several acrobatic training drills.  I have actually taken a few trapeze classes and they have many exercises that work similar muscles and mimic this movement almost to a tee.  Instead they are done on the ribbons, trapeze or rings.  I actually love all of them.  They are so amazing for core strength and total body training.  In MMA, this exercise uses a 3-4 inch rope which is securely suspended from the ceiling.  I have seen this new exercise tool in more than MMA gyms, many functional training workout centers have added this type of tool to the equipment.
When hoisting yourself up for this armbar action or double leg lift, engage your core while your arms lift and legs shoot up towards the ceiling.  If you are trying to make this motion truly MMA in style and engage the muscles used in the armbar; extend the pelvis up towards the ceiling once both legs have reached the rope.  Avoid dropping your legs down towards the ground quickly, this may yank or pull on the shoulder joint.  It is key to keep the body strong as the legs move in both directions.  When your legs hit the ground to repeat this exercise, it is fine to give a well-timed hop up to utilize momentum for this explosive training MMA exercise.
How Many?  It is best to go for an interval of time.  Begin with 30 second intervals for 2-4 sets.  I suggest stretching in-between this exercise to avoid injury.  The goal is to perform more in a 30 second interval of time.  So try to keep score on yourself.
Let me know if you work this or already have it as part of your regiment.  Give readers specific feedback on how you like to work this into your routine.

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