Krav Maga Instructor Training - Notes from North Carolina

I spent 5 days doing an instructor Krav Maga training at a great school in Gastonia, North Carolina (Ryan Hoover’s Extreme Karate).  Most of the time was lead by one of Krav’s highest level instructors – Kelly Campbell.  It was a comprehensive training for all the material that is part of the teaching lessons provided for Krav instructors.  But most memorable were the adaptations made to several of their existing techniques and their gun stuff rocks!   Krav Maga of course steps up to the plate when it comes to weapons defense more than any other system out there.  They have a thorough understanding of how attacks happen and the natural responses of the attacker.  Although it is not the first time I have covered this material as part of my training, it is so impressive each time I attend their continuing education. I think it is time to offer this info up to the POW student-body as a weekend class/seminar.


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