Free Boxing to Help Teens Avoid a Violent Path

It is so shameful that teen violence has been in the news so often.  It seems as although it has increased recently.  Honestly, I am not sure of the exact numbers of violence with teens today verse a year ago or two, but it feels like there have been more deaths at the hands of teenagers.   I am not sure that it can all be blamed on gang violence or absent parents.  But I think that more programs need to be created in order to offer interesting outlets for teenagers.  Sports are ideal for this overall. 

Boxing’s beginnings are grounded in taking so-called ‘troubled youths’ and introducing them to physical training. The Chicago Park Districts have boxing programs sprinkled all over the city. So, I think it is time for the private sector to offer similar options and do their part.  POW! Mixed Martial Arts, in Chicago’s West Loop will be offering teens a chance to try boxing training on Thursday afternoons.  Of course there are some basic rules for them to follow:  1.) their parents must accompany them on their first visit, 2) they must wear athletic clothes, no jeans, colors, t-shirts with affiliations, 3) no swearing or spitting, 4) they must be on-time, 5) they must follow all instructions and participate completely.  I think it is fair. 

The good thing is that the bigger risk facing teens is actually heart
disease.  It has been reported that 1 in 5 teens is at risk for heart
disease including high blood pressure and high cholesterol, so getting
involved in a boxing program (anywhere or a sport) will actually divert
them from two threats and fears parents and society as a whole is
currently experiencing –

1.)their teen being involved in violence or,

2.) suffering an illness that is completely avoidable.


To find out more information about getting your teen involved in boxing you can contact the

Chicago Park District.

To contact POW about your teen taking a free boxing class on Thursday afternoon you can call 312-829-7699.

Here are the existing Chicago Park that Boxing Programs.

Altgeld Park 515 S. Washtenaw Ave. 60612
Armour Square Park 3309 S. Shields Ave. 60616
Bessemer Park 8930 S. Muskegon Ave. 60617
Brooks Park 7100 N. Harlem Ave. 60631
Calumet Park 9801 S. Ave. G 60617
Clarendon Park Community Center 4501 N. Clarendon Ave. 60640
Columbus Park 500 S. Central Ave. 60644
Davis Square Park 4430 S. Marshfield Ave. 60609
Fuller Park 331 W. 45th St. 60609
Garfield Park 100 N. Central Park Ave. 60624
Hamlin Park 3035 N. Hoyne Ave. 60618
Loyola Park 1230 W. Greenleaf Ave. 60626
Scottsdale Playground Park 4620 W. 83rd St 60652
Sheridan Park 910 S. Aberdeen St. 60607
Simons Park 1640 N. Drake Ave. 60647
Taylor Park 41 W. 47th St. 60609

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