Bas Rutten Makes Your Knee Strike Stronger

knee cable 1.JPG

Attach cable to ankle and begin in a fighting stance. Make sure you start a light weight to avoid injury.

knee cable 2.JPG

Do not compromise your form. Still allow the hips to drive forward on this exercise and maintain your balance. Also, make sure you control your leg returning into the fighting stance. Begin with 2 sets at 10 reps, and then build into more reps before adding sets. It is very helpful to stretch in between sets and after the exercise.

If you have not learned how to do a knee strike yet, it is best to avoid adding resistance.  This is an intermediate level training drill for those who know the knee strike used commonly in Muay Thai, MMA and Krav Maga.  By adding the resistance, you will develop more strength and heighten your overall muscle involvement or awareness.  Other benefits of this drill is the added explosively and speed you will gain.  Just as with any resistance exercise form will build function.

Have you tried this exercise before?

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