Strikeforce Dipping into Football? - for Fighters?

I can not help but be concerned that Strikeforce is really serious about using football legend Herschel Walker as a draw to their events.  Walker has signed a multi-fight contract with Strikeforce. I am all for anyone giving the UFC a run for their money or simply co-exising allowing the sport of MMA to flourish and not simply be a monopoly that shelves fighters; but I am not a big fan of these athlete conversions.


Their deal with CBS is great. It will feature Fedor Emelianenko this November in our very own windy, windy, windy city of Chicago, but they need to avoid gimmick-like fighters and stick to luring solid talent and build a stable that will take fighters that have been sitting as ‘bench-warmers’ so-to-speak and giving them opportunity.  Walker  (born in 1962) who is older than Randy Couture, should not be starting a career in MMA at his age.  He is setting himself up for as much pain as he suffered in his younger days on the field as a Dallas Cowboy, Philly Eagle, New York Giant and Minnesota Viking.  Despite his amazing athletic capabilities, I think it is quite presumptuous for him to think that just because he was the NFL’s 5th  All Time rusher and a Heisman winner that he can handle the dynamics of wrestling, muay thai, boxing, ground fighting, and Oh let’s not forget getting the ‘sh*t’ kicked out of you with no pads. 


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