Gina Carano - Another MMA Fighter to Move into the Movies

gina-carano.jpgWe have recently touched on the presence of MMA fighters crossing over onto the screen.  MMA stars like: Rich Franklin, Andrei Arlovski, Randy Couture and Rampage Jackson have been lured in with exciting roles that allow them to play dress up for a justifiable fee. Although I can say, I am not eager to see any of their performances, since theatrical skills were not the purpose of them gaining a shot at acting; I am happy for them that they get to taste something different and that MMA has opened new doors.  

Gina Carano is the newest MMA fighter to gain access in to the movie biz.  However, she is not entering in on the ‘B’ movie train like her counter parts.  Steven Soderbergh, the Academy Award winning film director has given Carano a role in his new action thriller, called “Knockout.”  Carano has been cast in the role of a troublemaker who is offered a chance to use her skills as  a secret agent.  Not sure if it is another “Le Femme Nikita” type remake again.  I did love Briget Fonda in “Point of No Return,” personally, but it too was a remake.   Soderbergh, made himself know with “Sex, Lies and Videotapes” and of course there are his “Ocean’s 11 and 12.” which most people seemed to like.  

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