Chuck Liddell On This Season of Dances with Stars

It may not be breaking news, but as a hard-core watcher of the “Dances with Stars”, I can’t believe Chuck Liddell is actually eager to learn, an 8 count Lindy and the frame work for the Tango.  The former UFC  light heavyweight champ is paired with Anna Trebunskaya, the red-headed Anna who is a Latin champ.  Her last seasons on the show gave her partners such as: Jerry Rice, Albert Reed and Steve Guttenberg.  All clunky-footed chaps who made her earn her paycheck. Although Chuck has had a rough year after a couple key losses, sparkling clothes, shimmering shoes and a gorgeous woman may help him with the blues he has suffered after being forced into a limbo like retirement by Dana White.  

So what do you think?  Prediction is he will be voted out in week 6, the additional exercise will not phase him, unless his sitting on the shelf this year has been accompanied by Burritos and Beer.  He will incur injuries galore: as a shoeless athlete I think dance shoes will leave him with horrible blisters.

This was Chuck’s Audition Pic – Submitted as his Comp.


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  • I think you mean "Dancing With The Stars."

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