Are You Wrapping Your Hands the Right Way for You?

1956_1101_large.jpgWhether you train boxing, kickboxing, MMA or muay thai, your hands should be wrapped.  Even systems like Krav Maga use hand wraps as a means to protect the hands from abrasions and safeguard the joints from injury.  Although it is still possible to injure your hand with your hands wrapped, it will cut down on the severity of a possible injury and the frequency.

I am personally a fan of the ‘Mexican’ style or elastic wrap.  Although the idea of a cotton wrap may sound all cozy, the mesh like material of the elastic wrap is far more comfortable and conforming to the hand and allows for a snug wraps job that will not cut the circulation off to your fingers.  The ideal length is a 180″ with a sewn in hook and loop fastener for more durability.  There is a 120″ length which is great for children and small hands.

I tend to purchase Revgear products because their wraps last and of course they have great colors.  If you are going to buy yourself a couple of pair of wraps, avoid buying them from the local sports store – they do not carry a professional wrap.  Stick to the pro lines from vendors like Revgear or Ringside.
There are many ways to correctly wrap your hands.  The key is to include protection to your knuckles, support for the wrist and a several figure-8s.  Pros also wraps between the knuckles which will improve the protection over the knuckles.  However, not everyone seems to like this.  It tends to be if you have short or ‘stubby’ fingers.  It is still suggested to protect the knuckles, but I can understand if it also uncomfortable.  Below is a video showing you how to wrap your hands.
make sure you keep your wraps clean.  It is so gross when you wraps smell like dirty socks. Buy a garment bag to wash them in the washer instead of throwing them in by themselves.  It will prevent them from getting tangled around the spool of the washer.

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