Cardio-Kickboxing: An Amazing Workout, But Let's Stick to Technique

 So we all know that tae-bo
helped to launch the cardio-kick fitness crazy.  But it did so much damage, that over 10 years later you still see  few classes where  the roundhouse lookscardio_032006.jpg like a whip-like kick and not a
‘boot-to-the-head.’  The downfall
of those that continue to ride the tae-bo train is that many people are getting
injured.  So let’s jump off this
train and focus on learning the technique.  There are so many tips that avid cardio kickboxers could use
to improve the quality of their workout. 
Not only will they enhance their fitness benefits with better technique,
but actually learn how to do an amazing sport.  10 tips to that will get you on the bullet train towards
amazing kickboxing technique. 

You must
throw your straight punches with your elbows down.  Punch from your chin and back to your chin.

2.     A front kick moves through the four steps.  The knee leads the kick and the foot
unfolds.  It’s not a ‘can-can’
dance routine.

3.     When throwing a roundhouse kick, the base foot
needs to be turned out.

4.     Do not bend over or hinge from the hips when
throwing a side kick.

5.     Pivot on your straight power
punch (from the rear arm), uppercuts and hook punches. 

6.     When throwing your combinations
in class, make sure you keep your knees bent in your fighting stance.

7.     The hook punch has a right angle
at the elbow, it does not extend.

8.     Avoid back kicks if you want to
avoid back injuries.

9.     Do go so darn fast,  keep it mid tempo so you can focus on
the technique.


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