New Tell-All: Lady Gaga Hospitalized Six Times in 2009 Over Dangerous Dieting

New Tell-All: Lady Gaga Hospitalized Six Times in 2009 Over Dangerous Dieting

A new tell-all biography is claiming that Lady Gaga has more than a few skeletons in her closet, including an eating disorder that caused her to be hospitalized six times in 2009.

In Maureen Callahan‘s “Poker Face: The Rise and Rise of Lady Gaga,” former colleagues say the singer found it hard to deal with her new found celebrity status which gave way to insecurity, dangerous eating habits and bizarre behavior.

Gaga’s former tour manger David Ciemny writes in the book that Gaga would often go on junk food only binges, then not literally eat for weeks at a time to fit into her costumes.

He alleges that the 24-year-old musical darling once lost 20 pounds between a first and final fitting.

“When I say she was sick, I mean physically and mentally,” David says of Gaga’s condition in the book, according to Daily Mail.

Talent scout Wendy Starland added, ‘The pressure on her to lose weight was very high.’

The issue had allegedly been the subject of concern when she shot her music video for Paparazzi.

A witness from the shoot said: ‘Producers had to shoot around her. They draped fabric over her thighs and shot her backside with a softer lens.’

David’s wife Angela also weighs in on what she described as bizarre behaviour by Gaga. She claims that the 24-year-old would cuddle up next to her in bed before her performances and then beg for her to come back when she left.

‘I would say, ‘Gaga, I have a husband to go home to. I’ll be in the room next door.

‘She’d call and text me, ‘I miss you Ange, can you come back?’

Angela said she would return to Gaga’s room and they soon ended up spending lots of time together.

‘We literally would do our make-up together every morning and get ready for bed together at night.’

The Bad Romance singer has admitted in the past to being insecure.

Through numerous interviews with friends and managers, Callahan paints the daring fashionista with the larger-than-life stage persona as nothing more than an inauthentic actress as inflated as her own 10-inch heels.

At one point in the book, it discusses how Gaga passed out three times while performing in Auckland, Australia in March 2010. 

“I passed out about three times on stage that night but I got myself to the floor. I’d rather die on stage than walk off because I was going to pass out.”

Gaga went on to later state to the London Times that her fainting was the result of autoimmune disease lupus (which she tested borderline positive for). These quote “fainting” spells or rather exhaustion incidents have plagued Gaga’s career adding fuel to the rumors of bad dieting habits and a questionable drug problem.

Gaga admitted in the September issue of Vanity Fair that she did use cocaine in the past for “inspiration”.

The book “Poker Face: The Rise and Rise of Lady Gaga” hits book shelves on September 14th.

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