On Pigtail Pals: Waking Up Full of Awesome

One of my favorite posts by my friend Melissa has been making the rounds lately and it is awesome. Check out her five year old daughter, Amelia, and the spunky happy way that she wakes up each day! Do you wake up full of awesome? Tell me about it.

Too Pretty to do Homework? Are You KIDDING Me?

The internet has been buzzing lately about this gem of a t-shirt, sold by JCPenney.   I’ll give you a minute to think about that.   Are you seriously annoyed? Good. Lots of other people were, too. They complained, and JCPenney stopped selling the t-shirt. Melissa, over at Pigtail Pals, even started selling her own.... Read more »

Dear Four Year Old Me,

Yesterday I read a post by my friend Melissa.  She wrote a letter to four-year-old Bella, who loves her blue Buzz Lightyear shoes, but got teased for them.  (I’ll wait while you go read the post.  It’s incredible, and full of fabulous young ladies who are living life way outside the girl box.  I was smiling... Read more »

Back to School: How to Make New Friends

For some of you, the new school year has already started.  For others, you’re counting down the days.  (Or trying to hide from the coming school year!) If you’re starting at a new school, or just want to branch out a little bit this school year, what can you do to make new friends? First... Read more »

Pencil Crafts at Family Fun!

It’s back to school time!  (Where did summer go?) Sure, you can start off school with a crabby attitude thinking about how much you miss summer.  Or you can choose to start the school year with a smile.  One of my favorite ways to perk up about something I don’t like to do is make... Read more »

When You Are Ready

Today’s guest post comes to you from the wonderful Melissa Atkins Wardy.  Melissa and I became friends because of our fierce belief that you ladies are awesome and deserve so much more than the world gives you credit for sometimes!  Melissa’s post today is written as a letter to her daughter, Amelia, who is 5... Read more »

Listen to Your Gut

Yesterday, as many of you know, I was supposed to do my first Half Ironman triathlon.  (Swim 1.2 miles, bike 56 miles, and then run 13.1 miles!)  Instead, I went out for a 15 minute run with my husband. I bet you’re wondering why. There’s a really long version to the story, but the important... Read more »

Carissa Moore: Youngest-Ever ASP Women's World Champion

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It is impossible to watch this clip without getting teary-eyed.  Carissa Moore, 18, just became the youngest-ever ASP Women’s World Champion. Proof that you can do anything as long as you set your mind to it. Tell me.  What are YOU going to set your mind to?

Book Review: American Girl Innerstar Series

Hey Girls, Looking for your own adventure but not in the mood to write it or can’t find it? I’ve got the perfect book series for you to read. American Girl Innerstar University® series gives you the chance to take your own adventure!!! This series includes A Surprise Find, Dive Right In, Into the Spotlight,... Read more »

Think Before You Post

  I love the internet.  Facebook, blogs, Twitter, you name it.  I have learned a whole lot and made some great connections online.  Despite having both this blog and a blog that is more about my everyday life, I’m pretty cautious about what I post online. Even when you delete something from the internet, it is... Read more »